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Default 1500-2k Death Guard

Look for some list advice for my Death guard army. I have running mostly infantry horde with typhus and necrosis but now that we are getting into the 1500-2k points range having trouble with tanks and MC’s. So far outside a couple squads of plasma marines finding our in house long range limited.

My current list is:
1000 Death Guard battlation. 1000

HQ 295
Typhus 175

Necrosis the undying. 120

Elites 305
Deathshroud. 240
4 terminators

Plague surgeon. 65
-Bolt pistol& balesword

Troops. 380
Poxwalkers. 120
20 zombies

Plague marines 152
6 marines
-champion w/ Plasma gun & plague sword
-2 plasma guns
-Icon of despair

Plague marines 125
5 marines
-champion w/ Plasma gun & plague sword
-2 plasma guns
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