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Well, Iím not going to get all the moulds done before I flee the city for the week (heading out early tomorrow), but Iím in the home stretch. I just need to get the second pair of missile components moulded for this set but thatís no problem now that Iíve done the first two and theyíve worked out perfectly.

Split like this to solve a production problem with rocket/missile ordinance loaded in tubes, itís worked out nicely. However, the sprew is causingthe part to be a tiny bit out of alignment in this image.

When created something like this as a single part the mould will wear out rather quickly as the delicate rubber creating the missile detail tears away; a mould for a part like this would need to be replaced 4-5 times beside the moulds for the rest of the kit and that just didnít make sense. This solution was to avoid that problem, and it solves the problem perfectly as the moulds for both of these parts will now wear about the same and in line with the rest of the moulds for the kit. But once I solved the problem it quickly became apparent that it also adds to the design in other ways. First. I made a few different missile types to add options for the builder. Itís also very easy to remove a few missiles and drill out the back plate to make the rack look like itís launched a volley or two. People who prefer to do subassembly paint jobs might also want to paint the missiles first before inserting them in the front plate. A reasonably small change equals win, win, win, for the kit? Works for me!

From my mind, to the computer, to Servitor Solus, to reality. Since the old counts-as Havoc Launcher was one of the first kits that my studio started producing, itís fitting that it should be one of the first to get a proper reboot.

A few moulds in the set will need a bit of tweaking the next time I make them, to let the parts pulling free easier, but thatís no problem and all part of the ever ongoing process. Everything assembles perfectly with just a tiny bit of wiggle room to permit glue between seams and gaps and avoid any possible shrinkage causing fit issues. As with the Pintle Weapons, this is one part creating a newíish kit, but also one part testing the waters to make sure more ambitious future designs should be possible. Not that I expected any problems but these first few kits were small enough to fail without wasting too many resources. Prototyping resin is expensive so naturally, I want to save mistakes and testing for the small stuff. Again, just look at those clean lines, sharp details, accurate fit, smooth surfaces, and know that I am completely giddy with anticipation to see just what I can do with this at my disposal. Oh little Havoc launcher, you signify so much more. *Subtle grins wickedly*

The Mk.4A Loyalist version is also finished and looking great, but I just donít have time to assemble one right now. I still need to complete the moulds for the lower profile ĎBí versions and the corresponding missile insert components so the ĎAí kits will be in production a few days after I return to the studio and the ĎBí kits a few days after that. Thanks as always to everyone past, present, and future, who are making it possible for me to do this seriously. I hope that I continue to show that Iím very serious about producing some of the best models and miniatures available, and while the start-up is going a bit slow there are great things in The Works as the momentum continues to build over the coming weeks, months, and years.

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