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Default What's happening!

So i have returned to 40K for the first time since 5th edition. I've bought the Chaos Space Marines codex, and it's quite different. So here are some questions:-

1. Marks of Chaos - free but they don't seem to bring any benefits now other than the right to buy an Icon. Is that right?

2. Legions - Plague, Noise, Rubric Marines and Berserkers are all in the Elites section. If I'm doing a particular legion - say Word Bearers - can I choose these guys and give them the 'Word Bearers' Legion keyword? I assume they are supposed to be a unit of troops dedicated to a particular god but within the main legion.

3. Obliterators don't have a close combat weapon any more. Is that right?

4. There's quite a few new troop types. Before I go out and spend vast sums on them which ones are auto-include (or close to) out of Warp Talons, Heldrake, Mauler Fiend, Forge Fiend and Mutilators.

5. Finally I get the impression that it's mostly about shooting now rather than getting stuck into HtH. If so should I be going for a gunline or is Chaos better off relying on Deep Striking and charging?

My old guys are mostly Alpha Legion types so at least to start with I'll probably go that way.

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