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Yes, and you posted that on 08-01-17. Brother Edmund asked for an update on 06-15-18.

Between those two dates we've had 10.5 months. I'm not even counting the months before during which the awards had already gone byebye. In those months, Games Workshop has given us multiple additional starter sets for 40K, a dozen codices, several new Factions (Death Guard, Daughters of Khaine, Idoneth Deepkin, Adeptus Custodes) and there's a new edition of Age of Sigmar up for pre-order right now. For love of the Emperor, we've even had PLASTIC Sisters of Battle CONFIRMED.

So forgive us if we're getting kind of curious on that award structure. What's happening to it? Lost in the Warp on the route to Terra? Stuck in some kind of unholy Administratum sub-sub-committee?

EDIT: Forgot the Death Guard! Been too long already :D

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