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Originally Posted by Mofoman78 View Post
Thanks guys. Terminators are armed with thunder hammers and shields.
Ok, but what about the rest of the list? What does the tactical squad have? The predator? The dreadnought?

Originally Posted by Mofoman78 View Post
Going to purchase a redemptor soon.
Keep in mind that it appears you are not using the codex for this, so its going to be harder for us to help you what with the codex being available. (For example I'm assuming that the list you put up here is the normal lascannon/heavy bolter land raider. That model is around 360 points.)

Originally Posted by Mofoman78 View Post
Canít remember exactly what he had as his other HQs. Pretty sure it was to more Dominus. Old models though. Pretty sure that was his entire list.
I'm guessing probably two tech priests, his list is nearly at 1900 points and two of those would run under 100 points.

Originally Posted by Mofoman78 View Post
Apologies for the ignorance but what do you mean by firing lanes?
Think of them along the lines of a hallway, you may know there is something else nearby but you cant see it in order to aim/get an accurate shot. (Line of sight blocking terrain.)

Originally Posted by Mofoman78 View Post
Yeah he was as lucky as f#%k. Got three hits and wounds in, I failed all my saves and he then rolled 2 6s and a 4. The audacity!!
Lucky as fuck is definitely one way of putting it.

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