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As a 40k dabbler I can't offer much sage and true wisdom, but if the raider is not lasting long as a bullet magnet maybe ditch it for another Las predator or a couple of razor backs with twin assault cannons to saturate the dune crawler. What are your terminators armed with? Maybe increase the squad size and pack in 2 cyclone missile launchers. Maybe try fit in some sternguard for some decent infantry fire power, or even speeders with H.Bs and typhoon launchers, the more saves he has to make the more he's gonna fail. Also, take a good look at the redemptor dreadnought when armed with a macro plasma incinerator

The dune crawler packs an awful punch for the price, i dont envy fighting 2. If placing a crawler on each flank is his usual trick, try playing a refused flank and place most of your units on one side of the board deep strike the termies and maybe drop pod the tac squad/stern guard and meteoric decent the inceptors too, hopefully you can isolate and cut up one part of his army leaving the other side with little to do. As I said I'm a dabbler only, but hopefully I've got some sense for you to get some ideas from

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