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I can’t remember exactly what he has but it was 2 battalions with Cawl, Tech Priest Dominus as his 2 main HQs. Troops was 6 5?man skitari squads. 2 squads of Robots (4 total). 2 Dunecrawlers with neutron lasers that just killed me. 10 electro priests , 3 breachers and 5 Sicarian Infiltrators. Think that’s it.

At present I’m just kitting my army out with as many lascannons as possible to take out his heavy armour whilst using characters to buff the roles. I find that unless I destroy either one Dunecrawler or 1 squad of robots during turn 1 if I go first I really struggle. Especially with is invulnerable saves. Last time he deployed 1 Dunecrawler and One Squad of robots plus two squads of on either flank. I deployed my Pedator (with Cronus) my venerable, one squad of Primaris and a lieutenant to go up that flank. The hung in till about turn three but I couldn’t get the rolls to beat the Dunecrawler. I did manage to take out the robots though. A Also deep strike the Terminators on the right but the skitari kept them wrapped up for a couple of turns.

On the Left Flank is where it went horribly wrong. My hellblasters didn’t make a dent during turn one which I put down to bad throws (5 hits on super charge followed by 4 ones and a two). They then got massacred by the robots (using the strategm) that lets them fire twice. This cause me to hide Calgar and the other squad of Primaris behind a building only to fall into a trap of his deep striking Sicarian Infiltrators. The Landraider got taken out in turn 1 by three neutron laser hits.

That was all she wrote.
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