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Default Help for Ultramarines v Admech

I have an Ultramarines army and I play my friend regularly and he has Ad Mech. He has beaten me 4 times on the trot and and one occasion has even tabled me. I played him last week with an army consisting of:

Calgar - 200
Lieutenant - 74

Tactical - 178
Intercessor - 90
Intercessor - 90

Terminator - 235
Venerable - 197

Fast Attack
Inceptor - 180


Chronus - 35

Hellblaster - 165
Predator - 192
Landraider - 314

I think my problem is that I keep trying to take him on in a shoot out and I’m constantly coming up second best due to his invuln saves.

If any one can help me with any tactics or recommend any models that will do the business I would be very grateful because I would just love to wipe that smug grin off of his face
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