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Thanks for the comments. It gave mw a lot to think about. I agree power level seems so unbalanced.

As for my army. You seem to have over looked the D-cannon. My plan is to deploy back just in case I dont get to fire first. I have enough missiles it won't matter if I do.

Farseer warlord trait gives d-cannon rerolls.

Army trait gives CC elements reroll on shooting.

Could not figure out a way to give hawks rerolls but there roll and number of shots don't make it necessary.

DAs can play rear guard, move up for objectives, or rush to keep up with CC guys.

I am making 2 assumptions(please tell me if this are a really bad idea to assume)

1 it will be a small map at 40 power.
2 no one will want to just bring 3 vehicles as the meet if there army.
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