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Default 40 power list first tourney

So first off getting back into the game after mostly skipping 7th ed.
Second the power system seams utterly broken if your army can do MSU effectively.
third i do not expect to win my first tourney but a decent showing would be nice

That being said here is my list
40 points single detachment game on June 9th.

Craftworld Biel-tan
trait: natual leader
Spirit stones of Anath'lan
Singing Spear

Maugan Ra

Dark reapers x3
Exarch w/ EML

Dark Reaper x3
Exarch w Shuri Cannon (modeled with that when i got it, he looks really cool )

Dire Avengers x5
Exarch with twin Shuri Cats

Dire Avengers x5
Exarch with Shimmershield/power glaive

Striking Scorpians x5
Exarch with Scorp claw

Swooping Hawks x5
Exarch w/ Hawks's Talon & power sword

Banshee x5
Exarch w/Mirror blades

Support platform

Solid gun line of heavy hitters with almost everything having re-rolls on 1
Webway strike/Wings/ Stealth into where i need to be with my elites.
I really have no idea whats super good/bad at the moment. So this seams like a good idea to me right now.

Edit: Formating

Thanks for the read and any comments are appreciated.
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