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Hair of the Dog:

I've raised quite a few hackles with my last post (At least on threads where I'm lucky enough to garner replies) I pointed out the inadequacies of some renderings of 40K machina.

Part of the charm of many Forge World vehicles is the anachronistic technologies; battle tanks that look like they would be at home on a WWI battle field. Treaded tanks that compete with a-grav skimmers. hulking great bipedal automata that stretch the limit of credulity.

Apparently I have crossed the line by attempting to rationalize the designs to make them appear functional in the real world.

Don't get me wrong, I love the FW genre for the charm of the components but to my mind, things have to function realistically. I've already compromised myself on the lateral shifting component of walking dynamics.

Regarding the caveat of, "it's only a game," and, "Who needs realism?"

Need I remind you that the game can be played with coloured shoe boxes, blocks of wood and chess pieces if realism isn't necessary. No one needs to spend a couple of weeks salary on a highly stylized ten kilo chunk of resin to field a Titan.

That said :D I offer my version of the leg actuator system.

As some have pointed out, the shock strut of the landing gear is a closed passive hydraulic system (Oleo Strut) relying on compressed air and hydraulic fluid to provide a metered cushion for landing.

I liken the force of impact with each step in the same category as an wide body commercial aircraft touch down albeit much more frequent.

Forge World provides no source of hydraulic pressure in any of their models and it is the cross section area of the cylinder that determines how adequately the mechanism protects the mechanical vitals of the machine. Land a 747 with a collapsed strut and you are likely to incur structural damage necessitating a very detailed inspection not to mention numerous lawsuits from irate passengers with suddenly occurring compressed vertebra.


My shock struts will provide indication that the situation exists and allowances have been made for the problem plus they will serve as a function by locking the knee in any configuration other than a straight legged stance.


All without compromising, too much, the overall appearance of the model.

"It is easier to deceive people than it is to convince them that they have been deceived."
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