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Those Crazy Ideas:

Of the questions I get most often is; where do I get these crazy ideas and those that question my sanity, but is really it's just my questioning how would something like these Titans actually work.

In the images below there are actuators that seem to serve no function and if they did they would be far too small to be effective.

Drawing on my aircraft experience I liken the actuators here to the landing gear on jumbo jets such as B747 and L1011 airliners. In particular the 747 has landing gear struts that are as thick as a man's torso. How much larger would the walking hip and knee actuators have to be on an Emperor Titan to be adequate to support the mass and function as a real mechanism would need to.

The biggest problem I have with most of the scratchbuilt Titans is the hydraulics when represented are totally too small in diameter to do the requisite job they are supposed to do.

So the next few posts will be dedicated to the walking actuators and hopefully I can make them sufficiently large enough to be believable.

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