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A flurry of activity this week finally putting the finishing basic touches on the spaced corner greave armour and casting the hip joints with aircraft grade industrial resin.

I'm particularly proud of these hips and knees as they are an inch wide and barely a quarter in thick but they will bear the weight of bowling ball mass of the torso and a lot more but still not give a clunky appearance. Once the Hips are mounted I can add decorative gewgaws and details and the huge hydraulic cylinders that will stiffen the structure so it can be posed........


Further detailing of the second and third tiers will commence tomorrow.


I've decided to make the troop egress through the rear of the greaves and under the foot pad area as opposed to the traditional staircase down the front toes although I shall be keeping the center doors on the three sides as well but the design of the Epic Emperor was poorly thought out and made no real allowance for the purported troop transport alluded to in the rules and text description


Besides I don't like the staircase concept; Period!

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