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Definitely some squig-drawn carriages for trukks - mount an ork-nob size ork throwing Rocks for your heavy slugga

Orks riding large squugs for Bikers

I saw a winged squig conversion, could have those clutching the shoulders of orks for storm boyz

I'd decide if feral orks means feral or steam-age, I mean I wouldn't expect them to develop a steam driven morkanaut without also making, say, muskets. So if they are truly feral, machinery would be out.

And also, although not a deciding factor, can orks be feral and nomadic, without a ship to grow their spores on. Due to their ecology, their spores need to land and grow, to create their infrastructure, (I mean, orks, squigs, Gretchen, mushroom-food, nobz all come from the same spores, so would they travel in a small area and have it completely dominated by ork fauna/spore growth?) Or would their whole planet be orkified, with many different tribes coexisting, or many nomadic tribes coexisting?

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