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Default Help Brainstorm Feral Ork army

My favourite part of the hobby has always been doing 'Army projects' where I start with a vision for the army, and once complete take it to events to share it alongside other beautiful armies. The feeling of getting to share these passion projects with other like minded individuals is always great, and of course I like people being jealous of my army.

I have been out of the loop for nearly 18 months now unfortunately and I have plans to come back with a BANG!


Now there is no longer a Feral Ork codex but, what little is unavailable in the current book is quite easy to use 'count as'

The biggest challenge is the overall design astetic, to make sure they look neolithic enough without them ever being accidently seen as an WFB or AoS army.

The theme for the army is Nomadic Squigg herders. Everything will be mounted on Squiggoth (both sizes). I picture them with multi-tiered howdahs on their backs much like the LotR Mumaks.

I have a few other ideas

Wyvern - Chinork
Steampowered Mork/Gork anaught

As this is an ork army, crazy ideas usually work when executed well.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this idea, as well as maybe some ideas of your own.

I love all ideas being thrown into the big melting pot and see what sticks
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