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To make the tongue I used a paperclip and bent it into the right shape then used green stuff to twist thins worms around the paperclip to give my sculpting something to hold onto. I sculpted the basic shape of the tongue including the groove down the middle of it. I cut little notches in it where the pipes would be visible and stuck bits of guitar wire to the tongue so that the tips of the wire went into the notches and greenstuffed over the top. the tongue still looked quite plain so in addition to the obvious eye looking out of it, I put tine blobs of greenstuff on and smoothed them out to make little zit style spots on it. Then I varnished the whole thing. The drool is gluegun glue, then I varnished over that and the tongue once more to make sure that they had the same kind of sheen to them.

Hope that was helpful, now you can put tongues coming out of everthing! its the first one I've done so I was really pleased with it. you should check out our blog just in case some other cool stuff comes up you like, theres always more detail there, and soon I hope to be making some progress with my possessed marines, and theres some crazy stuff going on with them. ^.^


I am also a contributor to this blog where I upload a lot of my other projects under the name Pandorasbitzbox

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