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Hey StartA.

I just knew it. Everyone seems to say cultists when alpha legion is brought up!

It's not the aesthetics so much. It's the units themselves - both the profile. the models and the lore. Something just irks me about them. Cultists are presented consistently since like 3rd edition as chaos zealots - the kind of troops word bearers would be using if there was more consistency in the writing (seriously, they're the proselytising ones!!!) darkreevers suggestion of using alternative units to represent skilled operatives has some merit as well.

Regarding ANVIL... I will be looking deeper into their catalog. Thanks for the suggestion. I am curious what else they have as well. Are the models sized equivalent to 40k? I'm not going to get primaris sized cultists am I? Hahahaha

Deepstriking brings fear to me. Actually, I am quite nervous in general about my first game, stupid as it sounds. I've been brooding over materials and models for several months now and it's just building the tension. Do you have recommended options for 'bubblingwrapping' to deny deepstriking zones? Everything has to be within 9 inches right? Like I said earlier, I am hoping the hidden in plain sight will be useful, for against tau and others, as I am hoping the area I live has some hobby shops where I can rock up and expect a game with strangers. Is that a real thing or a myth? Hahaha

Thanks a lot for your comments mate. What factions do you go?
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