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Hey mate. Thanks for your response.
[QUOTE] Have you given any thought to using Astra Militarum or Tempestus Scions then? The chaos codex may only give you access to cultists, but the Alpha Legion are known for using highly trained operatives and guard veterans and storm troopers definitely fit the bill in that regard. /[QUOTE]

To be honest, this never occurred to me. I am seriously going to have a look into this as it could be ALOT of fun. Much more appealing that meandering hordes of useless ugly cultists. Thanks for the suggestion!

[QUOTE] Like this squad, your primary lord probably belongs here. /[QUOTE]

This is exactly what I am thinking. Also, the exalted champion is purely a tax HQ (is that the correct phrase?) I wanted something cheap.

[QUOTE] In ten strong squads in general yes, but you'd also be quite surprised with some armies now. (having to take 10-20 saves at normal armour or at -1 will whittle squads down fairly quickly.) /[QUOTE]

Hidden in plain sight will hopefully be of use here. However, I'm sure I am in for a shock. My mate plays Tau

[QUOTE] Personally I've never been a fan of havoc/devestator squads with no ablative wounds. I'd suggest dropping a missile launcher for some more bodies. /[QUOTE]

it's actually a question of points. Though I am guessing (though i've not played a game in over 20 years) that cover saves + hidden in plain sight should go some way to provide protection.

Thanks for your awesome response mate.
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