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Default Newb Alpha Legion List

Hey folks. Would love some comments on a list I am crafting. Currently at around 700 pts but working my way up to 1850 - which is what this list will be.
DISCLAIMER: While this is Alpha Legion, I do not proscribe to the view that they need cultists,cultists,cultists. I dislike cultists on an aesthetic level and feel strongly about it! No hard feelings if you - well - are a cultist haha. But I don't believe cannonically that they are necessary in an Alpha Legion force. I say necessary (not common).
Anyways... sorry for the hostile disclaimer.
1850 pt list Alpha Legion

Chaos Lord with blade of the Hydra
Exalted champion
These blokes will be buffers attached to whichever unit appears appropriate at the time
Terminators x5, 1 Power sword, 4 Power Fists, all combi bolters
Essentially monstrous creature removalists as I believe this is a legitimate career path in the 41st millennium
Chosen x9, 3 power swords, 2 power fists, 1 flamer, 3 chainswords
Anti infantry assault unit, particular to be thrown at MEQ and TEQ. Likely mounted in the rhino (what a naughty thing to say!)
Dreadnought with multi-melta and powerfist
Yeah I know Helbrute but it sickens me that I leave 40k for 10 years and come back to my favorite chaos unit being renamed to something spastic
Anti-vehicle, either melt one or crush one, hopefully both. Also draw fire from everywhere
Chaos Space Marines x10, Aspiring Champion armed with a fist, 1 plasma gun and 1 missile launcher
Function like a tactical squad essentially. Basically lots of power armor to draw fire and fight back
Two more identical units of Chaos Space Marines
I proscribe to the idea that 30 CSM is a lot of bodies to deal with
Predator armed with autocannon, havoc launchers, lascannons on the sides and a combi bolter
Just chuck as many guns on it as I can to kinda shoot at anything feasible
Points wise it rounds the list off well. Also the demolishment cannon appears threatening. Again, an even cheaper way than the dreadnought to draw frightened
firepower away from the real threats, which I believe are the chosen, the terminators and the marine squads
Havoc squad with 2 lascannons and 2 missile launchers
Something to provide multi-role firepower whilst camping at the back

Well, that's it. I hope you like my list and tell me whats wrong with it!
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