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Default Camoflaged Lictor and Spawning Tervigon

Hi everyone. Ive decided to show off a couple of Tyranid conversions i did to see how much interest there is. Hopefully my efforts can inspire some other people to make some cool and unique models. Also id greatly appreciate any feedback and advice, learn about what similare ideas other people tried ans where i could improve or make my life easier. The first is a lictor camoflaged in junk and the second is a Tervigone spawning from the back rather tham the front. I hope you like them.

Ive covered both of these more extensively on www.krakendoomcool.wordpress.com

Im pretty sure i did a bit on the lictor while back on this site but indecided to mention it again only because its also on the blog with the Tervigon. Hopefully i will have some other stuff up soon for my Tyranids. If your interested theres also some other cool stuff up like my friends "All 12 Wolflords" project, a chaos spawn and daemon prince so far.

Ill post up here when ever ive written another article, let us know if you like any of the stuff and we will try to get more up for you. Thanks everyone.
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I am also a contributor to this blog where I upload a lot of my other projects under the name Pandorasbitzbox

@Krakendoomcool on twitter

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