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Default Help building Dwarf Army

New to Fantasy, i have gathered some dwarf troops and am looking for a decent 1000 Pt set up to combat a lizardman army.
Here is what i got.

1 Grudge Thrower
1 Bolt Thrower
2 Organ Guns
4 Cannons
1 Flame thrower
1 Gyrocopter

51 Slayers
34 Dwarf Warriors GW
31 Iron Breakers
52 Miners
18 Hammers from Games Workshop
72 Dwarf Warriors w/ Shield and Hand weapons
20 Special Characters (Runmasters, Thanes, Dragon Slayer, few others)
20 Thunderers
41 X bow men
14 Longbeards
10 Bugmans Rangers
1 Joseph Bugman
Anvil of Doom Moblie OOP, and Stationary Forge

Just looking for some general set up advice, will be playing 7th or 8th edition. Thanks

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