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Default Need some ideas.

Hey all so I would like to know how you pick your colour schemes for custom space marine chapters. I started creating own Ultima founding chapter and I need a name had one idea the shadow knights and need some ideas on colour scheme.
Run down of the chapter:

Chapter founded for:
Strategic Prognostication(created in order to oppose some future prophesised/anticipated event)

Chapter founding:
Ultima founding


Geneseed purity:

Honour the chapter

Geneseed defect:
Oversensitive Occulobe(The organ that allows Space Marines to see in low light conditions has become overly sensitised, working exceptionally well in the dark but suffering in full light conditions)

Chapter hero:
Master of Sanctity

Deedsof legend:
Imperial Glory

Uninhabited world

Recruiting planets:
Feral world
Medieval world
Hive world

Predominant terrain

Relationship to home:
Homeworld ran by direct

Combat doctorine:
Thunderhawk assault

Codex Chapter

Special weaponary:
Rare Weaponary

Chapter believes:
Emperor above all

Chapter status:

Adept Mech
Chaos Space Marines

Chapter master:
Athanas Raptis

Also I would like to see some of your custom primaris captains to get some ideas if people don't mind.

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