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Originally Posted by Lunar View Post
I will rather prefer you write and complete this saga by yourself. As you should have known, your writing quality is...let's be honest, a strike above other co-writers. It is almost as if I read different work, so much so it losses internal consistency.
Short answer: not happening.

Long answer: no. Firstly, the saga - the seed idea, the setup, the initial incidents - all of those are not mine. To take over it entirely would be less than polite, and to give the full credit to me misleading. But more importantly, I can't possibly finish this myself. The structure is set up for multiple authors. Not just in the sense of there being too much for one person to do (there isn't - the series will probably be complete at ~50 installments, times 40K words, is 2M, which is a huge amount but not completely impossible), but in the sense that Renegades' idea density, which is a core stylistic element of the series, is as high as it is precisely because of authors playing off each other. It needs to be more than one person - really, it needs to be more than two.

I'm glad that you enjoy my writing - really, I am - and thank you for the praise. And it's a fair point that I should be working on more of my own projects - there's two fics I have in the early stages right now, but neither is 40K; then there's Heresy Apatite and Phoenix Imperium, one of which I want to start for NaNoWriMo this year and the other before that, plus original story ideas, but time constraints... I have too many story seeds for my own good, to be honest. But Renegades is not in the same category as all of that.

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