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Default Hi I'd like to Heresy

I'm completely new to Warhammer, just bought my first Harlequin Troupe (and few discounted Space Marinates to learn how to paint miniatures in the first place, I usually paint in 2D). I love lore and visuals of WH40K, don't really think about playing for now.
With my Harlequins I'd like to go in one of two directions - very artsy, pretensious, H. Bosh-inspired Masque or shit-on-the-floor-and-burn-the-house Masque. Or both. This freedom of choice is one of the main reasons I chose this faction :D.
Books: I am reading 2nd tome of Horus Heresy now. Every single character is a total dumb sausage, I love them all SO MUCH. Looking forward to see more Xenos characters though.
So, that would be it.
Nice to meet you all
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