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New Dawn Edit

The New Dawn Chapter
The New Dawn Capter Is successor of the IX Legion, The Blood Angels they are Noble Berserkers but Unlike the chapter they hail from they view the Red thirst as a blessing of the primarch Sanguinius. because of this they do not attempt to quash this urge in there preferred fighting styles and utilize it for the increase in strength and savagery it allows. Yet despite this view they still value the lives of civilians of the imperium and other human cultures in general, and To cause Suffering to the civilian populations they defend is among the chapters highest crimes.

Chapter founding/duties: the New dawn was founded as a standing Force to defend the ghoul stars on the fringes of imperial space during the Late 37th millennium as such they where initially a fleet based chapter.

Chapter strength: Nominal (roughly 1000 marines currently)

Force Organisation: Divergent chapter.
The New DAWN does not send there neophyte into the scout squads as codex chapters do they instead train the recruits as there implants take hold with in the chapter monetary on Istraughtium IV, and Release the newly made Adeptus Astarties directly into the 10th Assault company, the Death Core. Believing that the hot headed youths might learn to harness and control the Red thirst in the relative safety of close combat. Once they have mastered their rage in the crucible of close combat they are promoted to the 9th company, a devastator company where the will learn to utilize and maintain the heavier weapons they might need in more specialized operations, and function as support troops too the main bulk to the assault.
If they serve well in this roll they my be promoted to serve in one of the many battle companies where they can select there rolls as with harder assault marines or continue as heavy weapons specialists while they hone their leader ship skills and may eventually be raise to the position of a tactical marine. after many years of service in the numerous battle companies a Marine might be asked if he wishes to join the vaulted st company if he agrees he must first test him self in the 2nd Scout company for a while and serve as the eyes and ears of the rest of the chapter ensuring the larger operation has the correct intel so they might fight with the greatest efficiency.

Combat Docturn: The New Dawn utilizes the red thirst as a weapon to destroy there enemy in brutal close combat engagements either Entering in the fray By StormRaven Thunderhawk ar drop pod and assaulting the enemy position or Command structure with such speed, ferocity and with so little quarter given that the enemy combatants have no hope of mounting any defence. As such The New dawn specializes in Assault troops, heavily modified armour designed for speed and maneuverability. How ever what the enemy often does not see is the early insertion of the elite scout forces that are sent to report to the New dawns command structure in order to deploy the Assault forces in the most effective manor possible. the 2nd company is also tasked with securing mission critical objectives like deploying teleport homers for terminators and sabotage

Chapter beliefs: Being a much younger chapter The New dawn Veiws the Emperor of man kind as a living god and share strong ties with the eccessiachy, especially the Sisters of battle they are strong believers in the tenants of the imperial cult and are very religious. The also hold the belief that they are the guardians of humanity and still hold out hope of forefilling the emperors dream, of a safe secure and prosperous Imperium free from the shackles of False gods they fight for the day when the imperium may lay down its arms and no matter how far away that goal seems The New Dawn Will never give up hope.

Home world: Istraugtium IV, A death world located near the ghoul stars. This Planet is a hot and desolate planet with two small polar fresh water oceans. this world was in rabbeted by humanity in the dark age of technology for its rich mineral wealth in the western mountain ranges. this world was lost to humanity by the warp storms the that where building at the hight of the elder empire, and rediscovered by mere chance by to then fleet based New dawn chapter. when their stricken capitol ship exited the warp blind after the battle of Elhenor. it now replaces the shrine world of Elhenor with several shrine cities along the oceans as well as serve as the chapter world of the Dawn

Notable engagements: The battle for Elhenor. The Battle of Elhenor took place on the shrine world of Elhenor a bastion of imperial faith serving the fringe worlds of the Imperium. The world was attacked by the a huge war band of the traitorous sister of Our martyred lady Miriael Sabathiel, and a fleet of highred chaos forces. a sub order from the order of our martyred lady had been ambushed by a sizeable contingent of chaos forces, including endless streams of cultist, corrupted sisters, a sizeable contingent chaos marines dedicated to slaanesh and daemons, had launched a surprise attack on the small covenant of sites left to defend the world. Being the nearest possible source of relief the Chapter Master Ergo Marchez responded personally with his first company, the bloody 3rd, and 6th company and brought all the might of his capitol ship the Dawnalithe to respond, though the dawnalithe was not the largest nor the most destructive ship in his fleet it was the most advanced a young fresh design that combined the speed and agility of a light cruiser with the firepower of a much larger ship.
Unfortunately the information on the situation was incorrect where the reports had indicated that there was only a single chaos ship in orbit, the chaos champion Miriael Sabathiel had hidden the res of her fleet behind the planets sun where the solar flares and background radiation would hide here ships from detection. this allowed her to send huge numbers of her loyal to engage the marines planet side while her larger fleet out flanked the dawnalithe.
On the planets surface the New dawns assault had bogged down in the shear volume of cultists, blunting the attack.
Also out gunned in space The Chapter master was forced to order the withdrawal and extraction of the remaining Adepta Sororitas and the priceless reflects and artifacts they defended. but in doing so Lord Ergo Marchez was left with but one remorse one choice that turned his stomach, the death of the world and every thing on it. He did so then ordered the retreat back into the warp but not before his ship was severely damaged by the fleet of the Sister-supierior of Slaanesh. Though Marchez was able to escape there clutches his ship trailed wreckage across the warp, the damage causing the seller fields to flicker and die several time during the trip, the worst of which occurred three months into the journey back to his fleet. This time the psychic back lash from the exposure to raw warp stuff killed his remaining navigators and much of his support staff. and force him to drop from warp right then and there. worse still when the ship entered real space it entered with in the gravity well of the lost world of Istraughtium IV. Here Ergo evacuated all he could from the ship and admit to fall into the dunes of the equator. keeping the ship "Largely" inact but permanently grounded. this ruin the Dawn would later convert into their chapter monestary and the primary shrine on the planet.

Yes I do realize that the Red thirst is a berserk rage, how even in the throws of the Red thirst even the blood angels can tell friend from foe. The New Dawn utilizes it where it can be of the most help, since they rely most heavily on brutal close combat engagements they do not see it as a shame but the do realize its a bad idea if there scouts blow there cover and frenzy so they rely on testes veterans for that task.

sorry I thought the ghoul stars where in the Eastern fringe my bad.

Also I hope I'm getting across the razors edge the New Dawn Chapter walks. the are one of the most brutal chapters when engaged in battle and they are a terror for their enemies but they also represent hope for the imperium. guardsmen will cheer if they know they are to Fight Along side the Dawn for despite the butchery they will see they know those blades will never fall on them and are there to ease their fight.

I still could use some Ideas for some Notable engagements that didn't end in disaster.

You may think the Adeptus Astarties show the greatest courage, thats not quite true. For to show courage you must first must know true fear and act despite of it. So It is to you courageous Guardsmen I salute - Captain Esharra
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