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Default The New Dawn Chapter.

The New Dawn Chapter
the New Dawn Chapter is a successor of the IX Legion, the Blood Angels. They are the noble berserkers and un like the parent chapter they hail from they believe that the Red thirst is a gift from Sanguineous they focus on lightening raids. assaulting the enimys positions or command structure with such speed and ferocity that no defence can be mounted, yet despite this they value the live of civilians of the imperium and human cultures in general and to cause suffering to the civilian populations they defend is among the chapters highest crimes. The New Dawn Chapter utilizes more assault marines than any other chapter even there armour is modified for speed and exceptionally aggressive Attack docturn
Chapter strength: Nominal
Organization: Divergent Chapter. The New Dawn Chapter does not send their neophytes into a scout company as many codex chapters do instead they induct the newly made Adeptus Astarties into the 10 th Company, The Death Core. believing that serving in the assault the hot headed youths could tame their rage in the relative safety of close combat. Once they have cut their teeth in the crucible of close combat they are promoted to the 9th company a devastator company to learn the use and Maintenance of the heavy weapons utilized by the chapter. If they serve well in a devastator they will be promoted to serve in one of the many battle companies. After years of service the marines may be elevated to the @nd company the scout company tasked with Mission critical objectives and Sabotage.
Notable engagements:

I need some help with the notable action my chapter has engaged in if I go with My own battle reports from the table top game it would make them an abysmal force As my record for the Table top game is 0/8/1

You may think the Adeptus Astarties show the greatest courage, thats not quite true. For to show courage you must first must know true fear and act despite of it. So It is to you courageous Guardsmen I salute - Captain Esharra
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