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I like it! It creates the ability to field Primaris no matter which Chapter you play in the meta-game, and lore-wise it creates a great potential for conflict and tension between the Space Marines and the Primaris, and also the Space Marines and Custodes. The Heresy series has shown that the Primarchs and the Custodians had issues with each other due to each group believing themselves to be the Emperor's favoured children, though the Emperor's POV shows that it was the Custodes he truly cared about, and it would be interesting to see if that antipathy from the Primarchs has bled down to the Space Marines.

Plus for ten thousand years the Space Marines have been bleeding and dying to prop up the Imperium while the Custodes, their supposed betters, have been sitting in the Palace doing almost nothing while their father's Imperium has crumbled and become a nightmarish parody of what it was meant to be. And now the Custodes are showing up out of the blue, bringing this new and strange breed of Astartes with them, and ordering loyal Chapters to accept them or be branded traitors. That is definitely going to create resentment and tension, and that could lead to some very interesting developments.


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