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Default new custodes fluff

Was following a primaris thread on B&C, when I came across talk of this new bit from the custodes codex.
Your thoughts on the Primaris and lore progression - Page 15 - + AMICUS AEDES + - The Bolter and Chainsword


So according to some fluff in the new Custodes codex, apparently if you don't accept the Primaris reinforcements gulliman sends to your chapter and be happy about, you are going against the emperors will and are as good as a traitor

There are a small sub-group of Custodes called the Emissaries Imperatus, the heralds of the emperor who 'claim' that they hear the emperors voice when they meditate and 'feel' the emperors hand guiding them. When Guilliman was telling the Custodes at large his primaris plans, they were resistant to the idea because they didn't want to strengthen the space marines further because they don't trust them due to the heresy and other betrayals. But the Emissary Custodes come forward and say nope, the emperor has told us he wants the primaris reinforcements to go to the space marines so its all ok.

The Emissary custodes have since being going to marine chapters to deliver news of the reinforcements, basically telling any chapter who have reservations about them that they must take them with no questions asked or they are going against the emperors will and are equivalent to traitor marines.

Yep so your chapter has been loyally fighting xenos and traitors for 10,000 years, but you have a few reservations about taking primaris marines so you a traitor. Ok then


So the Primaris is appearently getting forcefed to every chapter. That seems incredibly hamfisted to be honest. But I guess theres too many chapters for Guiliman to personally woo into accepting the new generation of astartes. But certainly little wonder that 94% of all chapters accepted the primaris, thought there might surely be more than just a little resentment and or bruised pride at the forceful manner. Though given the majority of chapters are of ultramarine descent, the majority of ultramarine successors would probably accept them without having to be forcefully nudged to make an unpleasant choice.

I personally think that it would in particular be non ultramarine successor chapters getting uppity, or those not knowing their ancestry. It seems likely to me that emisaries visitted Gabriel Seth and gave him an offer he couldnt refuse, as appearently the Flesh Tearers have recieved primaris marines despite his opposition to them.
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