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Default Oh no! not another Necrons into Terminators thread! (Hear me out guys!)

Whatís up guys? So this summer me and my buddy are planning to start something weíve been discussing over Autumn/Winter. We are both big fans of the Terminator franchise and 40k, so we have had the idea of combining the two.

Basically we have written around fifteen 500 point skirmish scenarios involving the Machines (Terminators) and the Humans with a number of objectives to capture in each.

Now the background fluff is written we need to start working on the models. I will be commanding the Terminators whilst my buddy commands the Human faction which we will be using Necrons and Cadians to represent. He has used a lot of really cool third party bits to solidify his Humans and they have a real Starship Troopers kind of vibe to them, they look great.

However Iím after a few cool ideas to make the Necrons look like an advanced Terminator model. The first thing Iím going to do is make them stand upright instead of in the Necron squat pose. Iím also thinking of filling in the gaps on the torso with Green Stuff so it looks like one flat smooth piece, and then maybe adding some wires at the The arm and leg joints etc.

Please shoot me some ideas across cause Iím chomping at the bit to get started!

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