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What is this? No discussion about latest Gaunt‘s Ghosts novel? Surely the board cannot be that dead.

This is without a shadow of doubt my favourite Warhammer 40,000 novel in years, even with the one glaring issue it has. Part of it is of course all the build up to it, this is what, the fourteenth novel in the series? Characters I love and care about and I have waited six years to read how their story continues.

And now it‘s out. Ran through the rain to the store first thing in the morning, bought it and ran to the closest cafeteria to sit down and read it, knuckles white around it‘s edges gripping it so hard the spine is bent, because I be damned if this book was not an edge of your seat experience that did not relent. Dan is a master author, and even something so mundane as washing away lice from peoples hair just bristles with cinematic excitement.

What issue did I have with it?

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