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Default Insert Eye Popping Title Here

Been a fan of 40K for around more than a decade. In that time I have amassed 30,000 points of miniatures and about 65 books. Lurked on here many times before, decided to actually join today.

I play my own custom chapter of Space Marines, and I play Death Korps. As well as a side army of Slaaneshi Chaos.

Aside from modeling/painting 40K, I also do a lot of Gundam and Battletech stuff. As well as historical WWII models (Tanks and Planes).

I also am big into music and PC gaming, surprising I know. But I also am an avid player of tabletop RPG's and other games, such as D&D and Battletech.

That is all for now I guess, thanks.

Vintage and obscure game collector. Local Mechwarrior and Mobile Suit Pilot. Prog-Rock Enthusiast.
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