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Finished building for now, lots more to go but I'm in a good place to get some infantry painted up now. This is the tray I've got to work through aside from my SG and jump pack DC. Left hand side is 12 foot DC and right hand side is a freshly and consistently (praise be to the Emperor) reddened pair of Sternguard squads as well as a Sanguinary Novitiate and Company Champion (ignore the Scouts and Razorback turrets for the time being).

I bought to wrong damn texture paint at the store and since I'm not going to be able to return to that location potentially until January I've sucked it up and tested a base. Without getting into what I had initially planned at all, this is Armaggeddon Dust washed with Seraphim Sepia then drybrushed with classic Bleached Bone (gotta use it somewhere). Considering painting the rim with XV-88 (again just to use the paint) but have traditionally done black. Anyone have any thoughts on this option?

Also it was suggested to me that I try a warmer purple for my power weapons but I'm at a loss, using Citadel paints, with how to accomplish such a thing. Maybe some red wash mixed in there somewhere...? I do like the idea. I think the reason it sticks out to me so much is that it's such a cold colour on an otherwise warm palette.

Unfortunately Canada got rid of the penny and now my two cents rounds down to zero, so...take it for what you will.

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