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Default Adeptus Arbites ideas please.

Hey guys,

So I'm planning on putting together a 500 point Adeptus Arbites Armoured Response Team force using the updated 7th Ed Codex (unofficial) for a few fun friendly games with mates, and I'm looking for some C&C based on the proposed conversion ideas that I have.

A very popular and cool looking method people are using at the moment is using the Blood Bowl Human linemen and blitzers and building up from there with head and arm swaps etc. These look great and really fluffy but I would like something that looks a little more "hard hitting" even if it doesn't necessarily look 100% fluffy.

I want to tow the line with a Special Forces/SWAT kind of look, some bearded heads, loads of grenades and extra ammo pouches etc.

I'm deliberating whether to use MK3 armour as a base and getting rid of the power pack so it looks merely just an Armour Suit. Head wise I'm planning on using Cadians and some GS to give them there iconic helmets.

I'm very much in the early stages of planning and I'm just brainstorming so I would love some ideas and feedback.


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