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Looks great for a start! I've been a painted of red for a long time and can say without hesitation that it's a pain in the ass and that some of the orange-ish colours GW suggests just never work out the way I want them to. I will also add that highlighting black is just as brutally frustrating as shading white unless. My tips for getting a deep bloody red colour:

1) Base black.
2) 2/3 thin coats of Mephiston Red.
3) I like adding a wash of Agrax but will put Nuln Oil in the darker recesses or just use Nuln specifically if I'm looking for something even darker.
4) Reapply Mephiston Red to the parts you want lighter, stay out of the recesses. I use one coat largely and add the second coat in smaller areas to help with a gradient of Mephiston Red from darkest to one coat to two coats on the highest spot.
5) Use whatever orange is least offensive to your eyes on only the topmost or 'necessary for model details' spots. When I finally go to this spot I tend to use Wazdakka, but I rarely do for non character models. Even on character models it's so sparing that unless you're analyzing my paint job it's not immediately noticeable (in keeping to the dark red theme).
6) Bloodletter Glaze. I do this last to help tie my highlights together. It definitely mutes the highlighting I've done, and on rare occasion I'll go back in with my highlight colour and touch and edge here and there.

As for your toenails, I would say use less paint on your brush and hold it on an angle so you're using the side to lightly (but fairly quickly in one stroke) put the grey lines you want on there then wash it with Nuln Oil. If you want a gradient do two coats of your grey, the second localized to the brightest point pre-wash. I'd do the same thing for the horns really just to keep it simple. If you find your black wash takes your highlights down too far maybe do a teeeny tiny line of white down the middle of your highlight before washing it. I know it seems crazy impossible to get those fine lines and dots happening but it'll come with patience and repetition.

Side tip: if you mess something up immediately get your brush in water and use the water and clean brush to push away and clean off what you just did. You've got to give it a second to dry before going back in with more paint but holy smokes my painting got a lot faster when I started 'wet erasing' my mistakes as I made them. Infinite do-overs without chunking paint onto your model.

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