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ok its been a while since i've posted.

i kinda stopped after all the images i had were lost but i decided to try again and start from here.

Last time i posted this was the current status of the old school eldar

Since then i have had an apocalypse battle and required more so here it is now

Heavy Hitters Shelf:
2 Fire Prism Tanks
2 Wraithlords (one with bright lance one with star cannon)
8 wraithguard

The Bulk Shelf
1x Farseer
7x Warlocks
19x Guardian Defenders with 2 xGrav Platforms (Bright lance and star cannon)
8 Guardian Storm
1x D-cannon Crew
2x war walkers (1x twin scatter lasers, 1with Bright lance and star Cannon)

The Elites Shelf:
16x Striking Scorpions
18x Rangers
15x Swooping Hawks
5x Jet Bikes

I'm gonna try and do more updating
i am currently working on another 5 Jetbikes. which only leaves 17 more to do after that

I'm sticking with the old school Models makes collecting a little harder but a lot more fun for me.

the Orks are on a bit of a break as i dont really know where i want to go with them But ill come back to them eventually
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