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Default Been a long time, Painted stuff.

So I was going through boxes and found a tyranid army. long story short I'll probably end up selling the army but, while I was seeing what was in the army, I got a little bit of plastic fever.

There wasn't anything to build, but the paints haven't completely dried out yet, and the brushes are in great condition!

Painted this yesterday.

Looks like an objective marker from the Battle for Macragge boxed set way back in 4th edition

The today I painted a Hormegaunt

I'm a little unsatisfied with how the carapace turned out.

but i did try to glaze the claw

and here they are on the table top

like I said I'm probably going to sell the army, but if people are interested ill post pics of the army and tell its story.

P.S. this is the first time I've painted in almost 7 years.
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