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Default Store Dark Imperium Death Guard Demo Army [Completed]

So I have agreed to do demo games at the new local store with the Dark Imperium set. I also have agreed to paint the Death Guard side of the set. Today I swung by the store to pick up the models, I was thinking that they would be still on the sprue.

Excitement the minis have been assembled!

Then I look closer......


Looking over the models I nodded to myself....

So the goal is to get these done before the end of the month, the first demo game will be the first Sunday of December. I plan to paint them in one of the non green warband schemes. One of the yellowish with aged metal choices. I am debating what color to do the Pox Walker skintones in at the moment. I might do two different skintones for the two units so they are easier to tell apart.

Will post post progress pics tomorrow, the plan is to get most of the sprue chunks and mold lines off of them today.


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