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So here's my initial attempt on Mandrakes. Ignore the bases, a handful of skulls is on its way and these bases are temporary.

So Mandrakes! One of the most awesome sets of minis out there in WH40K world that I was longing to paint for several years now. But you might have noticed that EVERYONE PAINTS MANDRAKES THE SAME WAY. It is of course partially based on the very precise fluff description (inky skin, snow white hair, clothing made of skins of enemies), but where's all the fun in only being able to choose the color of a baleblast fire? Another thing to keep in mind is that this color scheme really works great for mandrakes, so there's no need to look for other ways, right?

Wrong! So I decided to ignore the proposed description and paint Mandrakes for what they really are: SPACE ELVES' MURDER GHOSTS OF EVIL. And I love the result

My only pending problem is the baleblast. I've tried painting it blue-ish, but since the minis themselves are really bright, it made impossible for me to stick to the main principle of painting fire: it should look lighter than the mini itself, otherwise it looks as a really bad haircut and not a flame. So any advice on how to proceed with the flame is welcome, and anyway I'm happy with it just the way it is now.

Another problem to solve is how to detach minis from the temporary bases (minis are currently positioned on the metal planks super-glued to the bases) once I get a hold of skull-filled bases.

Anyway, too much talking, here come the Murder Ghosts!
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