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Well, it took a few months, but I've finally finished my small platoon of Valhallan troops! Here they are:

I'm quite happy with how that pig-nosed officer turned out.

So, now I just have to take a look through the new codex when it comes out to see what changes I need to make to my armies. I'm still super disappointed with what they did to blast weapons (since as I'm sure you've noticed, I make heavy use of them in both my ork and guard armies. Or, at least, I did when they weren't absolute garbage), but besides that I'm pretty excited to see what 8th edition brings! Maybe 9th edition will bring back my blast templates...

I'm also doing some experimenting in an effort to make my Valhallan/Vostroyan vehicles look better. That Chimera I have will be my test dummy, I've done a bit of work on it already. Here's hoping it turns out nicely in the end.

Besides that though, I think I'm gonna go back to painting up some more Necrons for a friend of mine, so my guard and orks will be on hold for a bit. Oh, and are my images going through okay? It seems like Photobucket is going crazy these days, so I might have to switch to some other method of uploading.

C&C are always appreciated!
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