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Default Post birthday update

Bit of an update.... Still not managed to get my butterfly style attention span under control, so have made progress to about a dozen different projects - I even manged to remember to take some pictures. [Disclaimer; I got a lightbox thingy for my birthday so bear with me while I figure out how to actually take decent pictures!]
So, I've got another quad mortar, taking me to six (2x3). Yup, I'll be "that guy". They'll go with my new Tyrants (which I'm scrubbing with swarfega on the advice of FW, after also using cola and 1000-grade sandpaper to try and get rid of the goddam release agent) and my siege breaker (pictured above). All of this is still to assemble, but thatís a quick job once I get going.

I've built some of my havocs Ė 5 lascannon and 10 autocannons have been made and ready to prime (havent done the cables/ammo feeds yet though, will do those last once painted so they donít get in the way). The 5 heavy bolter havocs and 5 missile launcher havocs are just waiting for a couple of the BaC launchers and some Mk4 legs.
I ended up buying another copy of the death masque box and the overkill box (so have also been making deathwatch guys, because reasons), and have made the dreads into Iron warriors chaps. I have also finished up the contemptors I started ages ago.
The boxnaughts are armed with a flamestorm cannon, siege drill and heavy flamer for one, and lascannon, ccw and graviton gun for the other. I really want to add another to complete the talon and have him armed with 2x missile pods and hunter killers. (I saw a conversion online which looked simply amazeballs!)
The contemptors are armed with multimelta, chainfist and melta and autocannon, ccw and plasmablaster. After Ive assembled them, I think I might change the autocannon. It looks ok, but not great; need something to make it not obviously two plasticard tubes with holes drilled in it.

I've also completed two squads of veterans Ė one to be anti-infantry with bolters all over the place, and one as a tank hunter squad with melta guns and power weapons. I see the first squad sitting on an objective and sniping characters, and laying down shrapnel bolts at advancing units and the other squad in a rhino or land raider popping enemy transports and mopping up the survivors.

From the death masque box, I made a ten man recon squad, but in power armour that are armed with shotguns and ccws. They'll be run as a "forlorn hope" unit, first into the breech to hold until heavier units arrive. I also want to make a sniper squad in carapace armour, but still looking for ideas of how they will look to fit into the theme. I have been thinking that some of the Anvil Industries units might fit.

The land raiders are really coming on, and are nearly ready to prime. I have three now, and have abandoned the idea of trying to make extra armour for all of them; I did but a FW proper set though to make a terminator command squad transporter.
The normal ones are complete and ready to spray, aside from sinking the magnets into the sponsons which I'll do tonight. And the armoured one just needs a temporary assembly so I can bend the extra armour into position properly. I also need a couple of the display panel things for inside so I can make the innards look decent as well. I do like a nicely painted tank interior!

I've got enough guys to make a 10-man mk3 volkite squad and 10-man breacher squad, so thatís my next project (but with FW boarding shields instead of the breachers, as I donít like the breacher shield aestetic)

For my 40k force, I've made some decent progress on my raptors, who will be led by Adaric Vaanes (previously a 4th Company Raven Guard chappy, now in the service of Honsou in his invasion of Ultramar). Theres a unit of 5, with Vaanes, 2 flamer dudes and two pistol chainsword dudes. Painting raptors is laborious. The trim is everywhere and I'm having to put down like 3 coats of the gold to make it look good, thatís 3 dark gold and 2 shiny gold and then a wash over the top. Itís an ass.
Vaanes looks good though!

In other unrelated news; I also started painting up the HH Ahriman, a bunch of deathwatch, and made a start on some harlequins which will form part of the 40k corsairs force.
I really like the Ahriman model, and will be trying out some painting techniques on him as I've never painted this colour palette before.
Deathwatch are great IMO, its like painting black templars, but with an unlimited amount of weapon options.
A buddy of mine has always collected saim hann and has recently been converting some models to incorporate harlequins, exodites and dark eldar (probably with some guardians thrown in somewhere or other such xenos craziness). He's an incredible converter and always puts us all to shame with his imagination and skill. He's also amazing at painting, so he's basically a git when he turns up to our tourneys Ė with his shiny toys and fully painted armies (bastard). We split a load of the first death masque box I got (he took the flyers) and he has been encouraging me to try out painting up the harlequins and providing inspiration for corsairs when he posts up his models. I really want to make the pirate corsairs that allied with honsou and reckon the harlequins would be a good start, with addition of various eldar/elf looking bits and some dark eldar weapons thrown in for good measure ( Kaarja Salombar - Warhammer 40k | Lexicanum ).

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