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Been a long time since I've played either Rebel ships, briefly revisited the Falcon when HotR came out and I used a very Force Awakens style build, Rei flying with Finn as backup was much fun. The netbuilds for the 2400 is:

YT-2400 - Dash Rendar w. Push The Limit, Mangler Cannon, Engine Upgrade, Kyle Katarn, Outrider

Super mobile for a large ship. Almost too mobile; it was kinda like playing the game on easy mode. Points allowing, play him with a heavy laser cannon and keep some ships at R1 of him to block other ships from entering the centre of his doughnut.

The combo I used to play for the Falcon used Chewie, but lots of people prefer Han. My 'let the wookie win' build was:

YT-1300 - Chewie w. Predator, Engine Upgrade, Gunner, C-3P0, Millenium Falcon Title (the older one)

Both of those builds (and a few more) are from the thread I linked earlier. No experience with the Upsilon ship. When it comes to Rebels I prefer smaller ships, same with Imperials unless I feel like being a total dick and running the Decimator (though I heard Palpatine got a nerf, may have to check that out). Scum is the only faction that I really enjoy playing the large ships of.

EDIT: This is what I was playing for fun when I first got HotR:

T-70 X-Wing: Poe Dameron (33)
Predator (3)
BB-8 (2)
Integrated Astromech (0)
Black One (1)
Primed Thrusters (1)
YT-1300: Rey (45)
Trick Shot (0)
Engine Upgrade (4)
Chewbacca (4)
Finn (5)
Millennium Falcon (Segnor's Loop) (1)
-- TOTAL ------- 99/100p. --

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