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Originally Posted by darkreever View Post
I'm finding between it, the defenders, and the bomber that I can easily run low on points with only two of them.
Sounds like you're playing three ships comfortably at 100 points and four if you really cut out the upgrades. Defenders have kinda always been this way, even after the fancy new title cards.

Originally Posted by darkreever View Post
Oh yeah, saw him used the other day, the player got to 16 before he lost.
I tend to play him with autothrusters as a modification, can't say I've ever had him get shot down in my games. Still has a terribly hard time putting damage out with only two attacks but is quite nimble and frustrating for people to catch if you fly him a certain way. I want to say Expert Handling is another option for him, either way whatever the card is that lets you barrel roll for a stress token.

Originally Posted by darkreever View Post
Or start a new thread
Not really interested in copy/pasting perfectly searchable material. I've got maybe a couple ship builds to add to the one I made that I would have to look up, if they aren't saved in that app I guarantee they aren't saved in my memory I'm behind several waves and don't play the game outside of using adapted Mario Kart rules in a race setting (this basically replaced X-Wing for me a couple years ago and uses very different ship building tactics). You could probably add more to that thread right now than I could just with your Aggressor options and likely more current awareness of available upgrade cards.

Unfortunately Canada got rid of the penny and now my two cents rounds down to zero, so...take it for what you will.

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