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Just need to say quickly, I needed to remove the post of a studio Spire paint WIP by request of PB. They want to wait for the finished thing to release themselves (understandable) but please bear in mind that the purple and red spires that we see above are not the offical studio schemes and the proper ones really do reflect the artwork ;)

On the upside, they did say they would send me a few models to paint and share with you lovely people :D

Well the next faction revealed is one we've seen a few pictures of so far.

The Hundred Kindoms. Twice in it's existence, the kingdoms were united but the throne sits empty amongst squabbling, treatery and war.

Within this little snipped we can already see The Imperial Court, The Orders (many of by the looks of it) and The Faith.

Hopefully we'll see some minis in the next reveal...

As ever, if you want to stay up to date and follow this project through to retail (it is not being kickstarted btw... just straight to retail) follow them on facebook here...


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