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Originally Posted by ntaw View Post
That feature is also in the X-Wing squadron builder.
Yeah, downloaded it to check it out and ended up scrapping the other app.

Originally Posted by ntaw View Post
Solid buys. Did a double take when you said you got an Aggressor since you don't have any other Scum ships, turns out they've already started scraping the bottom of the barrel for ship names since the last time I purchased a ship
Heh, right now the big thing is figuring out how to kit it for games.

I'm finding between it, the defenders, and the bomber that I can easily run low on points with only two of them.

Originally Posted by ntaw View Post
Tycho Celchu is gunna be one of your new favourite pilots I hope. Him with Wired and Push the Limit is just silly, you'll want to just use a D20 to keep track of his stress tokens.
Oh yeah, saw him used the other day, the player got to 16 before he lost.

Originally Posted by ntaw View Post
I could probably update it with some new info at this point.
Or start a new thread

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Seriously, is it really that hard to write reviews without spoilers?

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