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@ntaw , I use the startactics x wing app, not only is it great for list building but the my collection section allows you to know what your options are.

On another note I got a few expansions the other day. Sadly, no Imperial Aces expansion; appears that they, along with other expansions like Imperial Vets, are in short supply at the moment. So instead I bought a second defender and an aggressor on the Empire side and a second B and A wing for the rebels.

I don't often see aggressors used, so I want to give that a try plus I now have some turret cards for down the road, and the extra defender gives me more pilots amongst other things. Not much for me to say in regards to the B wing purchase, since that was planned before, but I went with the A wing over the T-70 so that I could get myself at least one push the limit (would have been nice if I'd gotten the two from Aces but thems the breaks.)

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