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Originally Posted by HarlequinR View Post
I remember that blurb. I think a lot of Inquisitorial agents get extra screening to weed out the week willed, and the Inquisitor on site makes the call about thier own agents in the field. The chapter was inspired in part by a scene where an Inquisitor goes to a spiritual retreat after reading a book written by chaos sorcerers.

I thought it was important to show how hard it can be, being exposed to some of what they face. He's come out of 5 levils of intense close confines combat with half sane channelers of the warp, been baddly injured and lost a significant part of the troops he fought beside, indeed led in there.

My background is that the Inquisitor is getting on a bit, past thier physical prime. Brynden is her proxy when words aren't enough, though he isn't just muscle. She isn't aging with grace, but accepts the necessity.

I'll try and give your work a check out over the weekend
Gotcha', sounds good . Also, the training chapters that I mentioned aren't posted on the forum, just some W.I.P. scenes and some older stuff. I should really go back and give some of it another pass over.

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