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Originally Posted by HarlequinR View Post
Glad you're enjoying it. Brynden isn't the Inquisitor btw, but I might not have shown that properly, and it was shorthand for second in command.
Oh, I guess I assumed that because Brynden seemed to be in command of the blank, but you never did say he was an inquisitor, now that I read it again.

I'm liking the vibe of Brynden's personality and spiritual reflections, I am currently focusing on doing something similar with something I'm working on, except the main character's training spans about three chapters . That aside, I like the detail you can weave into a handful of sentences, but nothing seems too rushed. A good pace to take us through Brynden's healing process, and then drift into the Hospitaller routines and procedures. It is done while also offering an insight into the puritan personalities and how serious the sisters hospitaller and the main character himself take their sense of purity and faith.

Only critique is that Brynden may want to be careful with what he remembers. If memory serves me correct, the Inquisition has a tendency to execute guardsmen who remember too much (a blurb about veterans of wars against the Dark Gods comes to mind). But perhaps Inquisitorial Agents are more trustworthy.

EDIT: Just a note, but that blurb I mentioned may have been retconned since I've last seen it. It was quite some years ago, so maybe nothing to be concerned about.

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