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The Noxious Blightbringer is ready to spread some misery!

Basecoating him was a damn chore in of itself, those censors are too numerous in such a confined area, but the end result is very pleasing to me. Stuck with the primary theme of Death Guard Legion colours but going with crimson for the cloth rather than white, this is because I am also working on lore for my army and decided a few days ago that their name is the Crimson Company. Still part of Typhus' Plague Fleets, but i'm going with the idea that he has multiple warbands and vectorums in his service that maintain their own gloried histories. The Crimson Company is one of them, and one of the more powerful.

Also painted muzzle burn for the first time on his pistol, I think it turned out alright. I also went with Ryza Rust on the pistol while leaving the coils in the classic plasma blue, I wanted to give the impression that this was an Imperial issue weapon that has rusted and decayed over time, but remains recognisably an Imperial weapon. Added Nihilakh Oxide to the Tocsin along with Ryza Rust for the skull symbols to create the look that it's further decayed, and to separate a Daemonic gift from the regular corruption and weaponry he carries. The Nurgling is just Rakarth Flesh with a colour wash, this time Carroburg Crimson, which is a theme that i'm keeping throughout the army for any Nurglings that are simply hangers-on, a simple paint scheme that unifies them all.

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