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The panels lining the Painted Halls had been installed during an extended period of renovation in the manor, gifts from a pair of more wealthy and competitive Electors looking to curry favour against the other. The rather striking imagery and skilled workmanship easily elevated them to the status of national treasures, which was unfortunate in the current situation. Brynden had led Inquisitorial storm troopers in a running battle to take and hold one thoroughfare from guardsmen more loyal to the conspirators than the Imperium. Captain Alderson had done the same with the other half of his platoon in taking the perpendicular twin, where they met at the central bunker's blast doors.

He hissed as the field medic sprayed chill-gel where he'd caught part of a full-auto lasgun flurry dragging the stormtrooper's 2IC into cover. Thank the God-Emperor for armoured bodygloves, that and his flakweave fatigues had taken the worst of it leaving him with only first and second degree burns along his left leg and side. Alderson and his lead team were next to him in the triage station that had been set up. All of them were having flechettes removed after being caught in the ricochet from badly lined up claymore mine. So much for the best laid plans.

The melta charges on the door wouldn't be blown till the Inquisitor's blank was thawed out of stasis and shipped down. No one was risking the last of the conspirators down there letting the psykers loose out of spite without a way to shut them down. She herself was overseeing the questioning of those already in custody and. The medicae finished covering over the burns and handed him a stim inhaler to push aside the pain and keep his mind focused before one of the walking wounded helped him back into armour.

- - - - - - - - - -

The first levels had been simple to deal with, emergency controls cut the hydraulics slamming the cell doors shut on those still inside. The few with enough coherent thought to leave received a double tap and headshot. Third level onward had seen resistance steeply increasing, the blank's influence working over a steadily shrinking area as the power of those incarcerated increased. They lost five good soldiers securing a foothold in the last chamber and putting down the nearest of the three psyker it contained. The last one had been a mercy kill and the screams were going to haunt everyone that made it out alive.

Another piece of ironwork torturously twisted itself as the warding buckled under the strain of countering the warpcraft unleashed within it. Brynden continued to mouth the Litany Against the Unclean as he replaced a spent autogun clip and reloaded the underslung grenade launcher. Keeping in cover with the survivors of his squad behind a collapsed section of wall he gave handsign instructions to the troopers that were now in charge of moving the shellshocked null around before counting down three, two, one.

They all but threw the blank out of cover, charging him forward as the tip of the spear towards the fire and lightning wreathed mutant. Focused hotshot lasfire and manstopper shells tore into the psyker's shield of unnatural light, forcing it on the defensive. At five paces its warp-addled mind registered the presence of the blank. At three its attention had narrowed into horror filled tunnel vision. It went into spasm as the null was tackled into it, and finally went still as Brynden's chainblade took of its head.

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