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Hey, thanks @Myen'Tal . My recipe for the blue is has changed in application since I painted the Warriors, little smoother now:

-Base with Kantor Blue.
-Light drybrush Ice (Hoeth?) Blue, second layer of drybrushing toward the brighter bits.
-Light drybush of white around the brightest parts followed typically by a bit of pure white at the brightest spot.
-Paint with a very watered down Guilliman Glaze, I keep it really thin for control (a lesson learned as I went) as it gets applied in case I need to adjust the gradient at all (also known as me being sloppy with the blue and white).

...if on the off chance you're asking if the acrylic itself was odd or whatever to paint, I put the green sticks in before priming and it was fine. I could definitely see them being a pain if you didn't spray them first as the watered down paint would slide all over.
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